Valdivia River Tour

Charming Valdivia and its rivers

The Chilean Lake District is well-known for its Spanish history and gastronomic excellency, all of which you will discover on this one-day tour. The city of Valdivia was one of the Spanish strongholds against foreign invaders. The guided walk round the city visits the museum, coastal esplanade and Spanish fortress, taking you on an imaginary voyage back to the times of the conquistadors. Then, at 1pm, the journey on the river starts with the region´s typical ceviche seafood dish. This is the most impressive part of the trip – a journey through Valdivia´s river system with views of the Pacific Ocean, wooden fishing boats and sometimes even Volcano Villarrica. Before evening, the boat travels on to 3 Spanish forts, which you can explore leisurely. Later, tea is served, followed by a band playing traditional music - you can dance and sing along if you feel in the mood!

Duration 1 day

Season All year round

Included Transport to and from Valdivia. Lunch and afternoon snack. Entrance to museums and forts. Boat trip.

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